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Dr. Keller was instrumental in providing on-the-ground guidance for the Weeks Bay Foundationís Land Trust Accreditation process.  We would not have been ready or able to tackle accreditation without his perseverance and guidance.  Robert, fresh off of getting his own land trust accredited, brought in first hand experience. He also reviewed and commented on all of our policies and procedures. The Weeks Bay Foundation is a much stronger organization because of his efforts in assisting the Foundation to achieve accreditation.


Walter Ernest IV, Executive Director

Weeks Bay Foundation








Land Trust Alliance Accreditation


In 2008, Dr. Keller guided a small land trust successfully through Land Trust Alliance Accreditation pilot application process. His organization joined thirty-nine other institutions at the 2008 National Land Trust Alliance Rally in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to become the first land trusts in the nation to earn the prestigious Seal of Accreditation. Later that same year, he consulted with Weeks Bay Foundation at they sought to achieve accreditation. They, too, received their Seal of Accreditation at the 2009 National Land Trust Alliance rally in Portland, Oregon.


Land Trust Alliance Accreditation website


The accreditation process provides public recognition of land trusts that are engaged in the long-term protection of the land in the public interest. Organizations bearing the Seal of Accreditation increase public awareness of, and confidence in, land trusts and land conservation.


Land trusts use the accreditation application process as a way to fine-tune their policies and streamline their operations. The Land Trust Accreditation Commission conducts an extensive review of the application and grants accreditation - and the right to use the accreditation seal - to land trusts that meet the practices.


The accreditation seal is a mark of distinction in land conservation. It recognizes organizations for meeting national standards for excellence, upholding the public trust and ensuring that conservation efforts are permanent. If your organization needs assistance in gaining this acclaim, please contact us at info@ermf.org.