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Biological Field Surveys


ERMF animal surveys are conducted to:

  • document species abundance and occurrence

  • document new county and state occurrence records

  • estimate species distribution

1. Review of existing information

Prior to conducting field surveys for animal populations in a particular area, legacy information is reviewed about habitat characteristics and the normal community presence. Some of the sources consulted are museum and natural history records, refereed scientific journals, current and historical imagery, land use land cover data, soil and topographic maps.


2. Selection of targeted animals and survey sites

Based on review of existing information, the potential species likely to be present in the area are identified. Sites that appear to contain areas of preferred habitat for the targeted animals and animal aggregations are identified and ground reconnaissance is done to determine the suitability of the sites.


3. Field surveys

  • Amphibians and reptiles

  • Breeding birds

  • Small mammals

4. Information management

Field data collected during the animal surveys are transposed into electronic digital data file form. These site evaluations are used to guide conservation activity, such as special management to protect the rare species and native plant communities, or acquisition as a park or natural area.


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